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Sam's Caviar

Italian Black Winter Whole Brushed Truffles

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 Experience the unique, earthy flavor of Eugenio Brezzi's finest black winter truffles with their whole brushed in jar products. Made with Italian black truffles, water, and salt, these preserved truffles are budget-friendly and add a visually appealing truffle element to your dishes.

However, for those looking to add the true pungent aroma and taste of truffles to their dishes, we recommend exploring our fresh truffle options. Jarred or canned truffles, including those sold by us, cannot deliver the same aroma or flavor as fresh truffles on their own. While preserved truffles out of the jar may lack flavor and aroma, they are perfect for garnishing dishes or using with truffle oil or butter to enhance their aroma.

Available in three sizes - .45 oz, 1 oz, or 3.5 oz - choose the perfect amount of truffle goodness for your needs. Please note that the drained weight is smaller than the net weight, and the product should be used within one week of opening.

Experience the taste of Italy with Eugenio Brezzi's Winter Black Truffles, Tartufi Neri Extra.

Preparation Preserved, whole, in water and salt
Packaging jar
Ingredients Italian black truffles (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt.), water, salt
Storage Type Shelf Stable, 1 Year
Net weight 0.45 oz


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