About Caviar

One meal that is associated with luxury is caviar. Caviar is one food that has a combination of incredible flavor and nutritious abilities, and this has made it a delight to enjoy. Even though this delicacy is quite rare and expensive, it is highly sought-after. Caviar is gotten from different species of sturgeon, with the beluga caviar being the largest, rarest, and most expensive caviar.

Caviar provides the body with a high-digestible protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, and some important vitamins and minerals. These minerals gotten from caviar can help to improve the rejuvenating process on the cellular level. Due to its nutritious abilities, scientists and physicians recommend it. Also, individuals looking to follow a natural wholesome diet, or are recovering from illness (unless there is a contraindication or personal intolerance to this natural product), can add caviar to their meals.

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Quick guide to what caviar is

Here is a series of interesting facts to know about caviars. These facts will come in handy when in the company of caviar lovers or when you are looking to impress someone or a group of people.

Caviars are made from unfertilized fish eggs or fish roe that have been salted. This means that the two main ingredients for making caviar are roe and salt.

Normally, caviar is from the sturgeon fish family, and the caviar from Beluga, Sevruga, and Ossetra is the most sought-after and is the most expensive. Caviar is also cured roe from other sturgeons, such as Paddlefish or Sterlet. It’s also an opulent delight, but the price is usually comparable.

According to the United Nations, Food and Agriculture Organization cured roe of any other fish should be considered a “substitute” for the delicacy. However, depending on the country, the word “caviar” can legally refer to any other fish’s roe. Whitefish, salmon, and flying fish are a few examples.

The salt-cured roe of any other fish that is fit for human consumption can be called “roe.” And you will not be mistaken. What we call “red caviar” is the salt-cured roe from salmon, trout, or flying fish.

Since we’ve defined the terms, how about going back in time to discover who and how caviar became a gourmet specialty?

A complicated history of the sumptuous treat

It’s been an epicurean delicacy since Antiquity. But that’s not it. It took more than two thousand years for caviar to become a gourmet whim that we can now indulge in by purchasing it from an online or physical store. This is also considered a luxury. However, this luxury is now more rational and available.

Only make a comparison. According to some historical records, you might buy a jar of caviar for one hundred sheep in the 2nd century BC.


Although used for medical purposes, caviar dates back to the ancient Persians who were the first to use sturgeon fish roe. It was used to treat depression at the time. Curing fish roe with salt started in ancient China where the emperor’s chefs cooked carp roe in this manner. This was most likely copied by the Persians who created the caviar we know today.

Caviar is a French word and was gotten from the Persian word “khavyar,” which means “strength cake.” The renowned Greek philosopher, Aristotle, was the first to praise caviar as a delicacy worthy of being served at banquets along with trumpets and flowers in the fourth century BC. However, he did not use a single term to describe the delicacy. In 1591, the term “caviar” first appeared in an English text.

The Middle Ages and Renaissance

This exquisite meal which was introduced by Batu Khan was adopted by Russian tsars. On the other hand, Moscovey saw to the popularity of caviar in Europe at the time.

A new American story

The caviar meal which has been an exceptional delicacy in Europe happened to be a one-nickel morsel served with spirits as a compliment in Western American saloons. In the 1800s, when sturgeons were abundant in North American rivers, caviar was served in bars like peanuts. Due to how salty caviar can be, it made people in the bar thirsty and led to an increase in drinks.

If caviar was almost free in the United States, why not sell it for one dollar per pound to the rest of the world? This idea stroke Henry Schacht, an American entrepreneur of German origin, in 1837. He established a company that exported the delicacy to Europe.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, American had grown to be the world’s largest distributor of caviar. This happened because other American producers followed the steps of Schacht. Although a high price was paid to attain this level. Overfishing caused a rapid decline in local sturgeon populations in the 1900s. As a result, the cost of American caviar has risen dramatically.

Even though the world still had premium Russian caviar, the Caspian Sea sturgeon was on the verge of extinction, and this led to the world’s best caviar being very expensive. Ever since then, caviar became very synonymous with luxury. The good this is that this luxury can be affordable and also friendly to the environment.

The recovery of wild sturgeon populations in North American rivers and the Caspian Sea became possible due to the development of fish farming. Sam’s Caviar Beluga, Ossetra, and Kaluga caviar are excellent examples of how the aqua farm produces a high-quality and safe product.

Furthermore, modern producers are offering delectable alternatives to sturgeon caviar, such as hackleback, lumpfish, or salmon roe. 

National Caviar Day. Seriously

It is importing and deserving to commemorate everyone and thing that has a complicated history of becoming and caviar shouldn’t be an exception. If you or your close ones enjoy caviar, kindly join us in celebrating US National Caviar Day! Every year on July 18, you can observe it.

Caviar Day, like National Pizza Day or National Candy Day, has no particular high purpose or historical significance. However, these facts should not prevent us from having some fun and enjoying a small jar of delicacy with some toast and butter or crème fraîche.